The Williams Family Caregivers Foundation was founded in 2011 to provide support to caregivers as they take on this most challenging of roles.
After our father passed, we took over the care of our mother who suffered from dementia. While it was a rewarding experience to be able to care for our mother as she once cared for us, we realized the true extent of the personal commitment and sacrifices that caregivers are making every day.


To care for those who care for family members.

Our mission is to recognize the dedication of family caregivers by meeting often unspoken wants or needs. We aim to provide personal comforts and help with daily challenges by providing equipment, supplies and resources to caregivers.


 George Lee Williams & Marjorie Adele Polley Williams

Marjorie was unforgettable. Beautiful and classy, elegant yet powerful, she was a gentle giant, a quiet thunder. She was a loving wife, a wonderful mother and a caring friend to so many. An old soul and a wise teacher, it’s no surprise that so many people looked to her as a mentor.

George was many things to many people; he was a doting husband and a loving father, grandfather, brother and uncle. He was a loyal friend, a trusted confidante and a wise mentor. He served his country proudly, and continued to serve his church and his community upon his return.

Our father was renowned for his generosity and willingness to lend a hand, a shining example of how kindness could make a difference in this world. He was a friend to all and had a way of making each and every person in his life feel special, valued and loved.

George was in love with life itself. An avid historian, a vivid storyteller, a self-taught carpenter, a passionate golfer. Fisherman, photographer, huntsman, handyman. He dived into everything with incredible spirit and enthusiasm and taught us all to enjoy life to the fullest.

More than anything, George loved Marjorie. They married on September 3, 1946 in Pittsburgh, PA. Together, they raised five children in the small town of Oil City, PA. Their love for each other was as deep as it was enduring; they were married for 64 wonderful years and George affectionately referred to Marjorie as ‘my bride’ until his dying day.

When Marjorie was diagnosed with dementia, George didn’t think twice about becoming her caregiver. He truly believed in the vows he had taken so many years ago – for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. So at the age of 88 and with health problems of his own, he dived into his new role as he had done everything in life – with care, love and passion.

Without complaint, George prepared Marjorie’s meals, helped her get dressed, gave her medication and performed the household chores. He was her rock, but in April 2011 he finally succumbed to his own illness. He asked his children to look after the woman who had been such a wonderful wife to him for so long, and so we took over her care when he passed.

We now realize what a monumental job caregiving is. It is rewarding of course, but it can be overwhelming, exhausting and lonely at times, not to mention financially challenging. In setting up The Williams Family Caregivers Foundation, we aim to honor our parents by helping to look after all of the other mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, sons and daughters who have committed to the care of a loved one.


David M. Elbert President 216-402-0818
Denise W. Jones Treasurer 814-758-1476
Beverly W. Lawrence Secretary 814-428-4000
Sandra W. Lawrence
Yvette W. Carter
David P. Williams

David Elbert is the President of the board of directors for the Foundation. He wanted his Uncle George’s legacy as a man, mentor, father figure, caregiver and skilled golfer to be remembered. In July 2011, four months after his beloved uncle passed away, he organized a golf tournament in his memory. From there, we established this foundation dedicated to supporting caregivers.